About the ACC IAC

ACC IAC Mission Statement

The mission of the ACCIAC is to leverage the athletic associations and identities among the 15 ACC institutions in order to enrich the educational missions, especially the undergraduate student experiences, of member institutions. The intent is to impact all students, not only student athletes. The strategy is to sponsor activities and programs that cannot be accomplished by any one institution, and are best supported by institutions acting in concert. By directly supporting academic initiatives, the ACC reinforces its conviction that strong academics and strong athletics go together, and it projects this message to its many stakeholders.

The base funding for the ACCIAC comes from a portion of the income generated by the ACC Football Championship Game. Supplemental allocations by individual institutions and various grants expand program impact. Administered by one 1/5th time coordinator, the ACCIAC spends 90 percent of its funds upon direct student support.

ACC Mission Statement

The Atlantic Coast Conference, through its member institutions, seeks to maximize the educational and athletic opportunities of its student-athletes, while enriching their quality of life. It strives to do so by affording individuals equitable opportunity to pursue academic excellence and compete at the highest level of intercollegiate athletic competition in a broad spectrum of sports and championships. The Symposium will provide leadership in attaining these goals, by promoting diversity and mutual trust among its member institutions, in a spirit of fairness for all. It strongly adheres to the principles of integrity and sportsmanship, and supports the total development of the student-athlete and each member institution's athletics staff, with the intent of producing enlightened leadership for tomorrow.